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We produce theatrical films, TV series, and everything in between.  Exploring journeys ranging from a young man’s coming of age in an Ivy League college to the gritty rise to power of Napoleon Bonaparte to a searing tale of revenge in the Cold War, we portray the stories that need to be told – and through our in-house studio and connections with the largest OTT, TV, and film distributors, we have the means to bring these stories to a wide audience.  

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The Faction

Film / Thriller / Script

Written by Kevin Karp

Simran Mishrikoti attached

Inspired by true events, this seven-time award-winning scripted project depicts a running battle between a disgraced MI6 spy and a Stasi-funded terrorist that erupts violently during the German Autumn of the 1970s and ‘80s.


Touch the Fire

Film / Dramedy / In pre-production

Written by Kevin Karp

Poonam Pandey attached

Rob Moran attached

An outspoken Dartmouth student struggles to become a brother of an elite fraternity against the opposition of its arch-conservative president, embroiling both of them in an escalating battle over the place of hazing in an Ivy-League education. With a 12-time award-winning script, this wickedly funny yet dramatically poignant project artfully combines elements of RISKY BUSINESS, ANIMAL HOUSE, and THE SOCIAL NETWORK while standing astride DEAD POETS SOCIETY and GOOD WILL HUNTING as a seminal coming-of-age story.


TV / Period / Script

Written by Kevin Karp

Based on the memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte and his staff, this miniseries depicts Napoleon’s rise as a son of revolution – an immigrant Corsican artillery officer who saved France from destruction and turned it into the most feared military power in the world.

The pilot script has garnered four awards, including a Semifinalist laurel in the Cannes Plume d’Or Screenwriting Competition. A film script adapting a portion of the miniseries material is also available, under the working subtitle THE AGE OF REVOLUTION.



TV / Thriller / Script

Written by Kevin Karp

Based on a true story. In 1941 Poland, three highly skilled Soviet spies, each with a history of violence in Stalin’s secret service, take on a dangerous mission to save their country from destruction.


With a four-time award-winning pilot script, ISOKON deftly fuses elements of SEVENTEEN MOMENTS OF SPRING, THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, and THE AMERICANS into prestige content portraying a defining era for the most successful spy service in history.


The Man from Gori

Film / Period / Script

Written by Kevin Karp

In the cauldron of an empire on the verge of cataclysmic revolution, a young adventurer joins a movement that takes him from Georgia to Siberia to Western Europe and eventually to Russia.  THE MAN FROM GORI is the origin story of Jozef Stalin, a brigand who launched a Caesarian rise to power that would eventually make him one of the most transformative leaders in history – changing his name, his allies, and his enemies as circumstances demanded, but always staying loyal to a cause. 


The Blonde Bonder

TV / Reality / In pre-production

Written by Kevin Karp

This reality TV series explores the travels and travails of Meia Joiner, an intrepid bail bonder in the Savannah area impeccably loyal to her state of Georgia and her clients.  

Shining the Light

TV / Sports / In pre-production

Written by Kevin Karp

The gloves are off and anything’s in play as former boxer Alan Santana sits down for frank interviews with legends from the world of sports. 

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